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Wood Working Tools

Wood Working Tools from Japan

Japanese wood working tools have always been recognised as the "elite" and most highly sought after by discerning woodworkers. We now stock a range of genuine (no imitations) Japanese wood working tools including laminated chisels, pull saws, marking knives, axes, water stones, squares and lay out tools.

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Hot Wire Pyrography Kit

Peter child

  • Ideal for the finest detailed work but with plenty of power available for heavy lettering
  • Slim pencis with handle close to the point gives precise control. Quick and easy to use. High tip temperature enables fast, free-flowing strokes.
  • Handle runs cool even with continuous use
  • Warm-up from cold in under 2 seconds. Finely adjustable heat to over 1000°C.
  • Low cost wire points can be quickly replaced but can last for years. Range of shapes avaiable.
pyrographypyrography pyrography
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We stock high quality tools for woodcarving, woodturning and cabinet making from the following suppliers

Robert Sorby
High quality tools for woodcarving, woodturning and cabinet making

Ashley Iles
Superb quality, hand crafted carving tools with an extensive range.

Stubai(Austria)offering an extensiverange combined with superb quality.

The world famous “two cherries” brand from Germany has for almost 150 years symbolized the highest quality range of woodworking tools.

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